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Watch Pacquiao Fight Online Live on Saturday April 12th at 9 PM est.

The Pacquiao vs Bradley fight is one of the most anticipated and talked about rematch this year. After the fight last June 2012 both fighters are going to do everything to prove that they deserved to win. After the controversy this would be the fight to silence all the critics.

Manny lost to Bradley last 2012. The blow to the face for him was the fight with Juan Manuel Martinez. His lost to Martinez in the 6th round raised eyebrows and doubts towards the fighter. After the devastating consecutive loss of Manny Pacquiao the Filipino people opt for him to retire than to continue his losing streak. That didn’t stop the people’s champ he fought back and showed everybody he still had what it takes and fought Rios. The Pacquiao vs Rios fight silenced all of Pacquiao’s haters. He proved in a unanimous victor from Rios that he will not go down without a fight. He has been training very hard; the Manny Pacquiao that will be facing Timothy Bradley would not be the same fighter that he faced last June 2012. He will be faster, stronger and more determined to win.

Bradley hasn’t been sitting at home relaxing either after successful matches from Marquez and Provodnikov, the fighters speed and skills is better than ever. The sheer talent and strength of this fighter is undeniable. Winning 31 matches proves that he is a great fighter but has a lot more to prove. Bradley would be entering this fight with one thought in mind “to win”. This is the rematch the all of us and both fighters are dreaming of. We will all have to wait and see if Pacquiao has what it takes to climbs back to the top or Bradley can prove that 2012 fight wasn’t just a fluke and he truly deserves the win.

The rematch will be held on MGM Garden Grand Arena in Las Vegas, April 12. Like most human being we can’t be physically there but we can all watch Manny Pacquiao fight online and show him our support through this fight.

The easiest and most accessible way of watching the fight legally is online. What are the benefits of watching Manny Pacquiao fight online? Firstly, comfort you can watch the games at home in whatever clothes you choose and any part of the house. You can watch the match with your friends, set up the house for a small get together rather than outside with other strangers. You will be watching the fight live, with very little interruption and no commercials. You can watch using different watching platforms TV, laptops, and your mobile phone, Ps3 or Xbox. You can watch the match virtually anywhere that has proper internet connection. It’s a one-time payment, you can watch and pay then everything is done no monthly payment. You can even make money from it, set up a tiny place with drinks and have a match screening and ask for an entrance fee. The Fight Starts at 9pm est. are you guys excited. This is surely an exciting and heart-pounding rematch none of us can miss, so watch Pacquiao fight online.

Watch Manny Pacquiao Fight Online, Live on April 12th, 2014 right here on your laptop, iphone or ipad! We are not a pay per view boxing service, but we do stream the fight.

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